Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don’t Worry, Keep Walking

Yes, it has been a long time. Too much to ‘splain, so let me sum up.

In the two months or so since our last blog post, we’ve had some personal health issues, and other very troubling issues with family distract and derail us from our quest. Beyond that, all of our fund raising efforts have either fallen flat, or in some cases they’ve yet to leave the ground.

Quite honestly, Martha and I have felt very lost and abandoned.

Today, however, is a new day and the Lord has given us encouragement through our pastor, Scott Palmer and a kick in the pants through our 14 year old daughter, Courtney, who is wise beyond her years. So, we as a family have decided to take action, and I’ve decided to get off my blessed assurance and write about something that’s been on my mind the last few weeks.

In September of 1988 Bobby McFerrin released a little song titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” A fun tune encouraging those who listened to find happiness in, or in spite of, life’s troubles. Then in August of 1994, a group of loonies, otherwise known as Soul’d Out – the Christian band Martha and I are in – just for fun came up with alternate lyrics to the song, based on the Israelites’wanderings in the desert. We called it “Don’t Worry, Keep Walking.”

While I enjoyed Mr. McFerrin’s song okay, I’ve actually had some of the words of our version echoing in the wide open spaces of my noggin, and I think I know why.

The Israelites wandered in the desert for so long because of their own mistakes. They doubted God’s faithfulness to do what He said He’d do (thank you Brother Scott). They grumbled about the way God was providing for them (perhaps manna left something to be desired but hey, it sure beats nothing). And probably the most egregious of their mistakes, they turned from God to their own devices.

While you’re not going to find any golden calves in our living room, Martha and I have made our own blunders. We froze. We allowed life’s problems to distract us from the extraordinary. We quit looking for the cloud by day and fire by night. We quit walking. Not that we meant to, it just kind of happened.

I mentioned Courtney earlier. She is so cool! At lunch today Martha and I were lamenting the whole adoption saga and Courtney stepped up, and in a loving, gentle way she challenged her parents:

“Well what are we waiting for?” she asked.
Martha and I blinked at each other. “Uh, good question.”

“Have you been pursuing God about it, believing in His ability to provide and taking action upon that belief?”

I cleared my throat and Martha began to nervously arrange the salsa bowls on the table. “Not exactly. See, we don’t know what to do.”

Teenage eye roll. “Well have you asked?”
“Hmmm, not lately…”

Sufficiently humbled by my beautiful daughter, I then proceeded to explain how it’s difficult for someone of my limited mental capacity to trust my interpretation of God’s will. Isn’t that like asking a three year old to explain molecular biology? I don’t think she fully bought it. She’s now grounded until she can quit making me feel silly.

So, what are we going to do about it?

For starters, we’re going to approach the throne daily, as a family, asking for clear direction. We’ve rededicated ourselves to the family prayer time that seems to ebb and flow with the business of life. We want and need His guidance. We anticipate hearing from Him and following His will.

Secondly, we’re going to take up the torch for the fundraising efforts. This is where I ask for your help and prayers. See, I’d rather sell my internal organs off than ask someone for help. Yeah, I know that’s awfully prideful and even foolish, but here I am facing the facts that we need help to make it happen. So pray for me and my sinful pride. The last thing I want is to stand in the way of the Lord’s glory. Pray also that the Lord give us a plan, bless our efforts and make them fruitful.

Finally, I believe that we will be called (if we haven’t already) to step out in faith, not knowing where the provision is coming from, but trusting that it does. Did you hear that giant gulp? Oh, that was me.

It’s time for action, and the action we’re going to take is to take our case to the Lord, day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute until He moves. In His good time. Lord, move, or move me. During this time of presidential campaigning, we’re going to revive our fundraising efforts for a cause that’s nobler than all the politicians on Capitol Hill.

The desert is vast. The challenge is big.

It’s time to get walking again.

~ Matt