Monday, May 20, 2013

Crazy thoughts

Update on Samuel's medical:  He will have a heart cath next week to take a look at a few more things.  It is rare in this country for a child of Samuel's age and heart defect to not have been repaired yet.  They are being extra careful to know exactly what's going on in there before scheduling surgery.

More than two years ago, Matt & I both felt God calling us strongly to something.  Maybe in the adoption world.  Nothing more specific.  We said yes, God, whatever it is, break our hearts for what breaks yours.  Later, we realized he was calling us to adopt a son.  Later, we saw Samuel's picture and profile and knew he was ours.  Yep, I have asked God several times, "Are you sure?"  What sane forty something aged people would adopt a child at a great financial cost knowing he has big health issues?  We've never told ANYONE that we were sane.   Think about it with me, though.  I read somewhere that most kids who have Samuel's heart condition have a life expectancy of 5 years without surgery.  We gave God a pre-yes.  How could we do the sane thing?  It was time for crazy!

Now think about this with me...Samuel is a 5 year old boy.  He has all the mental and emotional energy of any 5 year old boy.  The problem is that he cannot go outside and run around until that energy is somewhat released.  He can't breathe that well.  So that energy is pent up inside him a lot of the time.   He channels that energy any way he can.  So for example, he now knows exactly how much toilet paper it takes to make the toilet overflow; that his bathroom step stool helps him reach lollipops on the kitchen counter and that he can eat three before mom finishes her shower and catches him.   I now know that Samuel has a temper and doesn't like his plans to be thwarted.  To this mom of girls, crazy!

Some other (better) things he knows...He is loved.  Hugs and kisses are welcomed.  Baba, Mama, Courtney, and Cassidy will all come running when he calls our names.  He will always have plenty to eat and drink.  He has lots of clothes and toys to call his very own.  He has lots of good (and bad) things left to learn, but I pray he will always "hang his hat" on the he is loved part. 

We also learned quickly that Samuel has a good sense of humor.  Here's something that happened in the car yesterday.  Samuel was saying Mama over and over again.  Matt decided to help me out.

Samuel:  "Mama"
Matt:  "Samuel"
Samuel: "Mama"
Matt:  "Samuel"
Samuell:  "Mama"
Matt: "Samuel"
Samuel:  "Hey!"  (Matt turns to look at him.) "Shhhhhh!"

Too funny.   Here's a couple of pics.

 Afraid of the bath no longer!
Corn and carrots are the favorite veggies.  Corn is the most fun to eat.
Blessings to all!
"Every decision we make will be driven by fear or love. Who we toss the keys to determines a lot about where we end up."  Bob Goff

Monday, May 6, 2013

So how are things going?

In a nutshell, things are going remarkably well.  Perfect?  Nope.  Too many people involved. 

Samuel continues to adjust day by day, moment by moment really.  His language skills are blossoming one word at a time as he realizes what these crazy English words mean.  He's been repeating words since day 1, but he is starting to use some words and even phrases appropriately.  He definitely has "eat, drink, more, all gone, dog, Courtney, Cassidy, Baba, Mama, hey, okay, I love you more, hey buddy, uh oh" and probably a few more I can't remember.  This morning, I handed him a snack and he said, "Thank you, Mama." 

Sleeping pattern is not bad, but I do look forward to sleeping through the night again some day.  Most nights, he wakes up crying once or twice.  He just needs to be comforted and he goes right back to sleep.  I remember getting up twice last night, but I think I'm mastering the skill of not completely waking up while going to his room, giving a hug, and tucking back in.

As far as our little guy's health status, we don't know a whole lot yet.  The cardiologist pretty much confirmed his diagnosis as tetrolagy of fallot.  Samuel was NOT happy with the testing done last week, which prevented a completely good echocardiogram from happening.  Next week, they will do a CT scan and another echo until general anesthesia so they can get some good pictures.  I will admit that when Samuel gets totally out of breath after doing very little, it's disturbing to all of us.  I don't look forward to surgery, but I so want him to be able to breath without the struggle. 

In learning to keep up with this busy little boy while everyone else is at school and work, I haven't taken many pictures to share.  By the way, I failed to mention Samuel's most familiar words are "Samuel, no."  He may think that's his name....hmmmm.....He's also completely comfortable enough with his family to show us a temper when things don't happen in his plan and timing.  Yeah, that's not so cute, but it's a good sign ;)

I had to show the kiddo that the basketball goal was indeed not intended for hanging clothes on!  (I'll post about his clothing/hangar craziness later).
 Slam dunk!  Gotta enjoy this now, cause I don't think he's going to be exactly NBA height.
 The cutest nerds you will ever see!