Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This post is not really about adoption.  I just thought I'd share a few thoughts I have about dads on this Father's Day.  Here's some things I think are marks of a great daddy.
  • Your 3 yr old tells people, "Daddy goes to work so we can go to Walmart."
  • Response when wife thanks you for working so hard for us? "I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do."
  • Have this conversation when planning to take cover during tornado warning: The daddy,"If we need to, you and the girls get in the bath tub and I will put a mattress over you." The mom: "What will you do?" The daddy: "That's not important."
  • You keep driving your beat up 6 yr old Chev Cavalier because it gets good gas mileage, it's paid for, and what's the big deal about a truck I've always wanted when there's a kid to be adopted?
  • Retirement?   Don't know if that'll happen, but what's the big deal about that when there's a kid who needs a home?
  • To the kids when facing a big day/event:  The daddy: "What does Daddy always say?"  Girls' response:  "I know, I hard, do your best, and Daddy will be proud."
  • Say repeatedly to your kids:"There is nothing you can ever, ever do that would make me not love you."
  • Take on a work project on the side (when you already don't really have enough hours in the day) to help fund adoption expenses.
  • Tell your wife and kids every single day that you love them.
  • Go with your wife and kids to church every Sunday and serve there.
  • Tell your daughter when she returns from a mission trip, "I am so proud of you.  Do you realize that you helped change some people's lives for eternity?"
Wait ~ these all describe the Daddy of my girls, my husband!  I'm not proclaiming his perfection and he sure couldn't proclaim mine.  Just thought it would be good for him (and others) to know just some of the good stuff.  We are planning for the next addition to our family to be a son.  If that's God's plan also, I know I will enjoy watching Matt get to be as good of a dad to his son as he is to his daughters.  I know he will try explain that "boy" brain to me like I try to explain these "girl" brains to him. 

Happy Fathers Day to my husband and to all of you other dads out there who do your best every day to be the dad God wants you to be.

"As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;" Psalm 103:3

p.s. Won't Matt be surprised that I got back out of bed and wrote this after he was asleep?

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  1. Love this, Martha! Happy Father's Day, Matt!!