Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Affording" adoption and important acronyms

I said in closing on my last post that I would discuss the lady who commented about how nice it is that we can afford adoption.  Well, I was ready for a tirade at the moment, but I just smiled nicely at the lady.  Matt chuckled and said quite honestly, "I'll just never get to retire."  I have cooled and no longer feel like the tirade, so I won't.  I will only say that this lady is sadly misinformed.  I have met a LOT of adoptive families, both domestic and international, in the past 10 years.  I can count on one hand the number of families who could really "afford" it.  Honestly, the majority that I know are just trying to follow God's will for their family and are willing to do whatever it takes to bring home their sons and daughters.  I was just trying to add up how much $ we need to complete this.  I'm still waiting for a final tally from the agency, but including travel, it looks like about $20,000.  Will you pray for God's provision?

Now, the FUN part!  We are DTC!!!!  Many of you will say, wonderful, what does that mean?  Here's a run down of some important acronyms in the international adoption world.

LOI - Letter of intent - we put some paperwork together and adoption officials in China that we wanted to adopt Samuel. (July 2012)

PA -  PreApproval ( I think) - China says, yeah, you look acceptable to have this precious boy. (July 2012)

DTC - Dossier to China - All of our required paperwork is completed and sent to China. (October 16, 2012)

LID - Log in Date - the date the dossier is logged into the Chinese adoption system. (Estimated 2   weeks from DTC)

LOA - Letter of Acceptance - everything is good.  You are completely and officially approved. (Estimated 30 - 90 days from LID)

TA - Travel approval - here's the date you can come get him! (Estimated 90 days from LOA)

These estimated lines are subject to fluctuate greatly.  We have no control and can only hold on for the ride.

Thanks to you all who ask us about what's going on and help us in so many ways.  We are grateful for you. 


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  1. Are you waiting on LOA yet? Soon, if not yet. We're waiting on I 800 approval with a small chance of it coming before Thanksgiving. Blessings!