Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New pictures of our boy!

We sent a care package to Samuel, complete with pictures of his family and money for a cake to share with his friends.  Boy, did they buy a giant cake! 

I noticed a white face in the crowd.  Another adoptive family was visiting the orphanage.  Hoping and praying I can find them, cause they were taking video!  I also noticed it was this adoptive father who was showing Samuel the pictures of his forever family.  Thank you!



  1. a big cake, yes. But look how much they ate!!! Blessed your boy and quite a few others it would appear. :) My mama's heart is so thankful you have more photos to carry you through.

  2. Matt and Martha, I am SO happy that you were able to help your son have a wonderful birthday celebration! Lol I am amazed by the cake and like Kim, just how much of that cake that they ate! Samuel is so adorable; I just can't wait to see him in your arms. Saying an extra prayer for Samuel and for you this morning.