Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home study completion is in sight!

We have completed two home study visits, with two on the calendar.  I have just a few more pieces of paper to get to the social worker and we're done with the home study paperwork.  Two of those pieces of paper are medical forms for Matt & I.  We have appointments next week with the doctor.  You know what's cool and it's not the weather?  (not funny, I know)  The doctor's office had scheduled appts later in July, saying there were no appts sooner.  I called the nurse, who likes me (go figure) and is an adoptive mom herself.  I explained that I really needed sooner appts so we could get this thing moving.  She fit us in next week!  Whoever's praying on our behalf, thank you!  Keep the prayers coming these next couple of weeks that everything (especially medicals) will go smoothly, no surprises, no obstacles. 

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