Thursday, March 14, 2013

God just keeps showing up!

I am not a person who believes that God is obligated to do what I tell ask him to do.  I do believe, however, that sometimes He doesn't act because we don't ask.  There's a scripture about that - James 4.  I will admit that I get wrapped up in my worrying and forget to ask the ONE who can actually do something about my worries.  Last week and this, I have been specifically asking God to provide moolah and telling Him (ha) that the grant from Show Hope and the no interest loan from ABBA fund that we have applied for would be nice.  I also added that if they could come this week, I would sure appreciate it.  I can honestly say I've been checking e-mail and snail mail for word - asking and waiting expectantly, you know.  I've also apologized to God for telling Him how to provide and adding that I wouldn't be mad if he provided another way ;)

A dear family handed me a card yesterday - with a very generous gift for our adoption fund.  Unexpected.  Not specifically asked for.  God's provision.

Today - mailbox has a letter from Show Hope - we have been awarded an adoption assistance grant!  Hoped for.  Specifically asked for.  God's provision.

I would have been thrilled to have all the funds we needed six months ago, but then we wouldn't have had to pray and ask, waiting expectantly, and trusting that what He began in us would be completed - Philippians 1:6.  

I hope no one thinks that I keep posting about money expecting anyone to hand me a check.  I don't look at people and think, they have money, I wonder if they'll give me some.  As a matter of fact, it's hard to accept those donations.  We have to swallow a lump of pride every time.  But we are truly humbly grateful and trust that God's blessings will rain down on those who feel led to help us. 

We're not to that finish line yet. There's still a gap between what will be due and the bank balance, but He's gonna do it.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep praying and watching for the loan application approval and for whatever else He has planned.

On another (but somewhat related) topic, the girls are on spring break.  We are going to spend to week getting Courtney's "new" room ready for her, then starting  on getting Courtney's "old" room ready for Samuel.  I don't know if the girls will enjoy it was much as I will, but making a place for Samuel is so exciting.  I can already picture him in that room, playing with his toys, his clothes hanging in the closet.  Then I can picture him going into either of his sisters' rooms and getting booted out because he won't leave them alone!  I think I might even enjoy that (at first anyway.)  The girls are so ready to meet their brother too.  They will probably let him hang in their rooms for a while even.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to spending the week with my girls.

Prayer request - God's perfect provision and timing for our travel, Samuel's health, protected health for the rest of us, too.

Thank you!!!!!


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