Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Officially waiting for travel approval!

The last document (Article 5) that was needed to trigger travel approval has been completed. 

We are now officially waiting for China to invite us to come on over! 

From now, we can expect to wait 2-3 weeks for travel approval, two business days after that for a consulate appointment to be scheduled, then we can book those flights.  I think we're still looking at mid-April for travel. 

We are so excited and ready to go get our boy!

Prayer request:  Our potential travel dates are right in the big middle of the Guangzhou Trade Fair.  I'm told just our hotel could cost us $3,000 more because of that.  I'm also told that flights are higher as well as everything else.  Please pray for God's perfect provision and timing and for wisdom for us in making any decisions that arise.

Thank you all for caring!!!


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  1. He is just precious! China seems to have lots of those expensive times! We went just before Chinese New year and had a little sticker shock also. :)
    Prayers for provision sent up in your behalf. When y'all get back we'll have to try a play date at some point with the boys. I know Jaden would love to hear Chinese again.