Sunday, April 21, 2013

Good day

The Garden Hotel lobby has beautiful fresh flowers that are brought in every week.  They are arranged differently each week too.  They are so pretty and make the lobby smell wonderful.
Hee hee, have you seen the movie "Up?"  Look at Cassidy..."Squirrel!"
Big smiles from the little man.  He loves his stroller.
Courtney's beautiful smile.
The weather in Guangzhou was perfect today.  Lower temps and humidity made for a great day to visit a local park.
Cassidy had to practice her gymnastics jumps.  An older lady came by to ask our guide about our curious family.  She commented that Cassidy was very graceful. 

 Man made lakes in the park.
We enjoyed a little shopping today, but we were much more in the mood for the serenity of the park.  It was a good day!  Consulate appointment tomorrow.
~Martha & Matthew

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