Friday, April 26, 2013

For the blog deprived from the sleep deprived

I apologize in advance if this blog makes no sense.  I feel like I'm in a fog and cannot completely think clearly.  Jet lag is stupid.  Matt & the girls went back to their regular stuff today.  I hope they are faring okay.  If you see them and they look lost, help them out, will ya? 
Our flights home were pretty uneventful, which is good.  It seems Samuel's only relief from the torment of sitting in a seat that long was to go to the bathroom.  We did that A LOT.    For an incredibly long trip, we could not have asked for better.  Actually, for the whole two weeks, we could not have asked for better.  Our prayer warriors were faithful, I know that without asking. 
Samuel is adjusting really well.  New scenarios are very scary and the only way he knows to express that fear is to cry.  The vast majority of the time, he is happy and content.  He is completely goofy and likes to make us laugh.  I can report that he thinks looking at our dogs through the window is really funny and getting close enough for them to touch him brings on hysterics (the bad kind).  One step at a time. 
Nighttime has been a bit of a challenge.  He likes his bed and doesn't have a problem getting in it and going to sleep.  A couple of times each night, he wakes up and he is very scared.  Once he knows we're here, he's good.  The parents going back to sleep after that is the tough part ;)
I will admit that my camera has not yet been unpacked, but here's a couple of cell phone pics.  He does like his Lincoln logs, but he only sorts the pieces by size.  No building necessary.  He also has plain wooden blocks that are three colors.  He sorts them by color.
 The Tonka truck carries lots of things out of his room - cars, blocks, whatever.  He'd love it if he could figure out how to ride in it. 
For those of you who will be meeting Samuel in person soon, I will warn you that he has a bluish color to his skin.  Because of his heart condition, he just isn't getting enough oxygen.  We have an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist on Monday for tests.  Hopefully we will have him doing better soon.

I took a really cute video to share.  Too bad I can't figure out how to get it here.  Forgive me, but I'll work on it later.

Now, in completely random order, here are some things that I enjoy that I had completely taken for granted before this trip.

*drinkable tap water   *ice cold drinks  *my house  *my van  *my bed  *food that doesn't involve rice or noodles  *my shower that has a not so slippery floor  *familiar, pleasants smells  *clear blue Oklahoma sky  *traffic laws (one car per lane, slowing down for pedestrians crossing the street, use of blinkers, etc)  *QuikTrip, Reasors and even Walmart  *people who apologize if they almost run you over *two daughters who totally roll with the flow and always rise to the occasion  *a husband who puts my needs above his - two different guides looked at me during our trip and said, "He loves you very much."  *the POWER in prayer  *family and friends who really care about my family

There's probably more, but the brain is shuuuutttttingggg doooowwwwnnn.

I promise I'll get my camera out soon.

Ta-ta for now.


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